Freestone Shed Approvals

Buying a shed is the easy bit. Securing planning and building approvals can be difficult, frustrating and costly for those not familiar with the regulatory requirements and can lead to significant time delays for your project. 

Freestone can provide a complete approvals solution for you and will keep you updated throughout the process.

Our Project Process Involves

  • Council Planning Approval
  • Council Building Approval
  • Site plans by an accredited designer
  • Council correspondence and forms
  • Two Mandatory inspections

If you would like us to manage the approvals process for you contact us and we will provide you with a free quote.


We do not handle concreting or installation but can refer you to our preferred licensed subcontractor who will complete this for you.

In most cases this is not required. If your shed is being built on reactive clays, soft soils or fill then you might need one and we will discuss this with you.

If your shed is in a bushfire-prone area and is within six metres of a Class 1 building (ie; a house), you may need to have a BAL report completed. If this is required, we can organise it for you through our preferred assessor, at an additional cost.

Council fees vary around Tasmania. To make it fair for all, the fees will be your responsibility.

Yes, you will need site-specific drawings also known as a ‘site plan’ drawn by a designer accredited in Tasmania. We provide this as part of our service.

Approval from Council comes in the form of a Planning Permit. It is a legal document that allows a certain use and/or development on your land. This must be secured before a Building Permit can be lodged.

Once your Planning Permit is secured, Freestone will determine from that Permit, whether you need a Building Permit from Council or a Notifiable Works approval from Freestone. If its Notifiable Works, you will be able to start construction almost immediately.

StageItem Time (days)
1Site Plans3 – 5
2Council Planning Approval7 – 42
3Council Building Approval3 – 7
Total 13 – 54
4Start Construction–         

Please note that these are estimates only and timeframes will vary depending on your specific project and requirements requested by councils. If your project requires other services such as a soil or BAL report, this may add additional time.

Then it will be classed as Category 1 – Low Risk Building Work. You won’t require a building surveyor or our service, but you will need a planning determination from your local Council.

Freestone Building Surveying